miércoles, abril 22, 2009

Corner View - número dos

This week theme for “Corner View” is breakfast, one of my favorite meals of the day!
Normally we don´t have a lot of time to eat breakfast, but in the weekends we love to have it in one of the many cafés in the city, or in our own kitchen spending all the time we can.

I usually have some toast and a latte, but in the picture you can see a more typical selection: medialunas and café con leche…. Or croissants and a cafe au lait… with fresh orange juice made with the fruit we buy in a vegetable market nearby.

But I promised you something else… Mate!

Here it is! I usually have it every day after breakfast when I´m at work, but is a very common breakfast for most of the people in Argentina… actually, we drink mate at every hour of the day!

All you need is some yerba mate, a sort of tea that is cultivated in South America. You put the leaves in a cup (also) called mate, and you insert a straw called bombilla. Then you pour hot water in it… and you drink it… just like that…

Some people add sugar to mate, or herbs and fruits that change the flavor. It´s actually very bitter… so it takes a lot of time to truly love it (little children almost never drink mate… they just don´t like it… is something that you get accustomed whit time).
But at the end, the most important thing about mate is that is a social drink… something you share with others during a conversation. One person prepares mate for a group of people; everyone has his turn to drink it, sharing the same cup and straw. This helps a lot when you are talking to someone, when he or she is drinking… is your time to talk; when you are drinking… is your time to listen.

I hope you like it!

PS: I have also posted this in my photography blog “llorar en los colectivos”
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3 comentarios:

outi dijo...

beautiful sunny breakfast you have there:)
my husband loves mate. he drinks it every morning. for me it feels a bit strong, but i´m slowly getting in to the taste;)

Cele dijo...

it is strong...
you cold try "mate cocido" using yerba mate as a regular tea with lots of water... is the same taste but softer... similar to a green tea
is he from latinamerica?

Marbot dijo...

El mate se toma en porongo! Cuando vengas a Concepción te voy a regalar uno, promesa!